Forgotten People CDC:

  • Is a Charitable Organization dedicated to advancing economic, environmental, and social justice.

  • Supports the inalienable rights of the Navajo People in the preservation of Sacred Lands.

  • Supports the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples' access to clean water and clean air; like those rights afforded to the dominate society. 

  • Seeks complete local government transparency and accountability in the operations and administration of the people's resources.
  • Believes without exception that government is there for the People, and elected/appointed officials shall not act without impunity for wrong doing.

Alice Morgan
Alice  Edwards
Angie Yazzie
Arnie P. Wallar
Betty Tsinnigna
Bijiibah  Begay
C. Dale Rafael
Cecelia  Long
Charlene Raphael
Chee S. Wilson
Chenoa  Tso
Debi Yazzi
Dollie Kee
Frank Yellowman (deceased)
Louise Yellowman
Don Yellowman
Marilyn Yellowman
Debra Yellowman
Michelle Yellowman
Pearl Yellowman
Ed Becente
Edith Holmes
Ernest Long
Evelyn Yellowhorse
George Kee


Jean S. Williams-Horseson
JoAnn Armenta
Joe Klain (deceased)
John Knight (deceased)
John Begay Sr.
Kee Crawford
La Dawn W. Yazzie
Lela R. O'Daniel
Lena Nez
Louise  Klain
Mary Lane
Mary Eck
Mary W. Knight
Melinda Yellowhair
Myrtyl Yellowhorse
Grace Yellowhorse
Hubert Yellowhorse
Glenna Begay

Richard George
Robert L. Begay, Sr.
Russell John (deceased)
Shirley Parker
Shirley  Wilson
Thomas Deel, Sr.
Tim Deel
Vincent H.  Yazzie
Zena Lane
Cecelia Nez
Marie Peyketewa
Wilson O. Wilson
Dolores Wilson-Aquirre
Janene Yazzie
Darlene Martin
Clarence Noel Smith
Norman  Edison
Norris Nez (deceased)
Paul  Clark
Rena Lane

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