Vision Statement

To Restore Hozho (Dine' Beauty Ways)
  Begin Rehabilitation efforts for the Dine' impacted by Public Law 93-531 Section 10 (f) commonly known as the Bennett Freeze.
To bring about Prosperity Equality compared to the Dominate Society in areas of Education, Social, Environmental, and Economic Justice.

Mission Statement

To support the development of Indigenous Holistic Sustainable Communities, and provide alternative rehabilitation remedies that address the injustices of the people affected by the Bennett Freeze Act P.L.93-531. 

Coordinate education and financial resources that support programs and projects that build community-based capacities required to rebuild and maintain generational sustainability. 

Establish community collaboration and an autonomous bottom-up approach, where people are free to exercise their inalienable rights for Self-determination to develop their own lives and lands according to their Traditional and Cultural Knowledge and Vision for their Future.

Facilitate and coordinate people’s skills that will develop community-based capacities required to ensure the plans serve the overall well-being within the context of Diné philosophy, “Sa’ah Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhóón” the cultural traditions and customs of the Navajo Nation.

  Support entrepreneurs develop small businesses that are aligned with holistic Economic community development.

Empower the collective to maximize opportunities and implement collaborative peace building strategies with local and regional partners for the purpose of leveraging relations with tribal, county, state, and non-governmental and federal government entities.


Raymond "Don" Yellowman,
President of Forgotten People


Raymond D. Yellowman (Don) serves as President of Forgotten People in the western portion of the Navajo Nation that borders the Grand Canyon.  In this standing, he is committed to the tenets of environmental justice, creating awareness of environmental racism in its applications in tribal natural resource extraction and management.  And within this, as a traditional Dine’ peacemaker, he advocates the protection of Dine’ cultural/religious liveways, human rights while giving voice to traditional grassroots Navajo people that have been adversely impacted by unsustainable uranium, coal mining practices while actively addressing health disparities in this avenue. 

Framed within the Bennett Freeze paradigm - a 43 year U. S. government imposed construction hold that encompasses 2 million acres in the Western Agency and Former Joint Use Area (Navajo and Hopi Partition Lands) – this congressional act denied 9 impacted chapters infrastructure, the ability to fix their homes, build new homes, to have access to safe drinking water and a humane quality of life.  A peacebuilder and community activist, Don is active in the political arena in terms of balanced and positive community reconstruction grounded in justpeace.  

For example, Don was elected on the Western Navajo District 3 Farm Board for 6 years and as an elected Grazing Official for Bodaway/Gap Chapter for 4 years.  Don is a rancher, has livestock and practices traditional Navajo Ways and Ceremonies.  Don lives in Tohnaneesdizí (Tuba City, AZ) in the Navajo reservation; he is one of the Sleeping Rock clan, born for the Manygoats clan.  Don was born in San Francisco, CA and moved back to the Navajo Nation when he was 4 years old.  Don attended Scottsdale Community College (Scottsdale, AZ) and Lubbock Christian College (Lubbock, TX) majoring in Animal Science.  

Forgotten People CDC is a Charitable Organization dedicated to advancing the interests of social justice for the Navajo Nation and its people.

Forgotten People CDC supports the inalienable rights of the Navajo People in the preservation of Sacred Lands, as well as access to clean water and to clean air. 

Forgotten People CDC seeks complete transparency in the operations of government and believes without exception that government must be conducted by the People, for the People 

Forgotten People CDC is the original incorporated organization formed by the people of Navajo Nation to benefit the Forgotten People of Navajo Nation. Please see our Certificate of Incorporation as a Navajo Nation Non-Profit:

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