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Don Yellowman, President
P O Box 1289 Tuba City, AZ 86045
Phone #: 928 380-2479

Angie Yazzie, Vice President

P O Box 417 Cameron, AZ 86020
Phone #: 928 401-5378

Sheldon Nez, Secretary/Treasurer

P O Box 1216 Tuba City, AZ 86045
Phone #: 928 280-9903

JoAnn Armenta, Administrator
P O Box 286 Lupton, AZ 86508
Phone #: 928 640-6110

The video above features Don Yellowman, Forgotten People President advocating for the rehabilitation of the Former Bennett Freeze. Mr. Yellowman is a Dine' and Traditional man who was woven as a young boy in the Hozho' (Dine' Beauty Ways) tradition. He grew up in the Bennett Freeze area of the Bodaway Gap Chapter off Hwy. 89 North of Flagstaff and South of Page, in Arizona along the Grand Canyon.

When he returned from College, he critically examined to better understand the motivating factors that forced his people to live in Third World conditions. He summated that  the condition of his people boiled down to the Federal Public Law 93-531 which was the application of Systemic Structural Violence resulting in actions to advance the prosperity of the Dominate exploiting of our people and natural resources. It is said, we are expendable, a disposable people Energy Trumps People.

The video exemplifies Systemic Structural Violence when people are forced to haul water and live without electricity.

The officers and members of Forgotten People are committed and dedicated to restoring Hozho' in an effort to preserve Dine' spiritual, traditional and cultural Life-Ways as part of the Rehabilitation process for rebuilding their lives and lands.

All donations support activities, programs, and projects that support organizational efforts to advance the rehabilitation of the Former Bennett Freeze and develop Indigenous Holistic Sustainable Communities.

Donations are processed through our Fiscal Agent: Purpose Focused a 501 (c)(3) Tax Exempt organization.

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 On November 1, 2012 President Yellowman conducted a Press Conference in front of the Navajo Nation President's Office calling for the creation of a Navajo People's Uranium Detection System for communities living in Uranium Contaminated Areas. CLICK ON PDF PRESS RELEASE ABOVE...

All People, including Indigenous People have an inalienable right to exercise their Sovereignty as defined by Creator and in Treaties. Indigenous people across Indian Country have rights to a Clean Earth, Clean Air, Access to Safe Drinking Water.  The Forgotten People are calling on the Navajo Nation and the United States Government to fund Uranium Contamination remediation on the Navajo Nation; and to Honor the Moratorium against Uranium Mining.

Forgotten People is a Charitable Organization committed to the rehabilitation of the Bennett Freeze in an effort to advance Social, Environmental, and Economic justice for the Navajo Nation and the Dine' people.

The organization was instrumental in moving forward the need for Central Government to begin supporting the rehabilitation process. In 2015, the Navajo Nation entered into a Three-Branch Agreement to Prioritize the Rehabilitation Effort.

The Navajo people have a rich culture and history and have made many sacrifices for the good of all who live in the Southwest of America.

Learn more about our efforts to combat the effects of uranium pollution, to improve commerce, to preserve sacred lands, to improve the living conditions for the Navajo people, and to promote the use of renewable energy...

Forgotten People CDC is a charitable organization incorporated under the laws of Navajo Nation in 2007
(Forgotten People Community Development Corporation, Inc.) 
Our members advocate to protect the Sovereignty of the Navajo People and for Social, Environmental and Economic Justice.

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